About Me

 I am not much of a writer. I try to blog but sometimes I find it very difficult to get my thoughts out there in a coherent manner. Therefore I doubly suck at writing "about me" pages. Instead of doing the traditional type I'm just going to tell you random facts about me...
  • I was born with a hole in my heart but it grew over during my childhood
  • Although I absolutely love soccer (I played in a competitive league for 11 years), I think yoga is the best physical/mental work out I have ever gotten
  • I am a self-proclaimed hippie. Yes, a flower child. Ask anyone that knows me
  • My whole life I have been a busy body. I am now focused on not being a busy body
  • I am an amateur photographer. I like showing people how I view the world
  • I cry.. a lot. A sad movie, song.. even commercial can make me cry. I also cry a lot when I am happy too
  • I laugh.. a lot. Sometimes in inappropriate circumstances
  • I love the Earth. She's pretty amazing and I am teaching myself how to treat her better
  • This one is obvious, but I love yoga. I have been practicing it now for just over a year. I prefer a fast paced ashtanga/vinyasa style practice
  • Huge book nerd. If I'm not working or doing yoga my nose is usually stuck in a book
  • I can solve a rubik's cube
  • My life long love affair is a tie between big cities and the ocean. Both of them make me feel at peace and happy
  • I am a hopeless romantic.. and proud of it!
  • ...... and yes, my hair is naturally this colour of red
Me and my best friend, lover and life partner, Matt.