Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I think I got a little bit too excited about this post. I have photographed everything I ate today like I said I would except I've even done close ups! Hahaha.

Well today started out with an awesome french toast breakfast with icing sugar (weakness) and home made Beebe maple syrup. Topped off with a tall glass of milk :)

After that we went to a used book store. I recently bought Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol which is the third book in the Da Vinci Code series. I have already read the first two but I wanted to read them again. Instead of paying full price for Angels and Demons I found it there. And a few other good reads.

Then it was off for a quick work out. First we went for a jog at a new path by our place but it was pretty much a straight line up hill which got really boring really quickly. So we went home and did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred video. It's only 20 minutes long but it is a pretty wicked way to build some muscle and keep the heart rate up. As a cool down Matt did some stretching and I did 2 rounds of The Great Salutation.

Lunch consisted of a tuna sandwich, tomato soup with rice and a supplement Matt bought the other day. You're supposed to drink it before a workout but it kind of tastes different and I would rather have it afterward. It is supposed to do all these great things including replacing the electrolytes you burn while working out.

After running some more errands we dropped into mom and dad's place to hand out some candy. There neighbourhood gets less and less trick or treaters every year. When I was young enough to do it I had lots of friends on our street. We've all grown up, moved out and our parents are still there. It's like the neighbourhood is getting older. Oh well. The costumes were really cute all the same. Our favorite was this little guy that was dressed up like super mario :)

While there I had two Corona, half a cookie and some hickory sticks.

Supper consisted of our amazing homemade pizza. The first time we made it we really messed up the dough by putting too much water in it. But since then we have progressively gotten better at it. Matt is almost to the point where he can throw and spin it in the air. Almost, but not quite ;) We love to put lots of fresh veggies on it too!

This juice is amazing. It pomegranate and berries and is super duper high in antioxidants. I drink a lot of it, as you will be able to tell soon.

I hope everyone had a good Halloween. How many trick or treaters did you get?

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