Monday, November 2, 2009


Today is the first day of the POTM challenge. It stands for Put On The Miles. This is the second year it has been organized but it's basically a group of people all over North America that instead of putting on pounds during the holiday, are putting on the miles :) The POTM challenge ended registration yesterday but to learn more about it and visit Brandi's blog (creator of the challenge) click HERE! Because of the Shred video I did yesterday though I was too sore today to do any workouts. But tomorrow I plan on getting up before work for a run. Yes, you heard me right internet, BEFORE work.

For breakfast Matt and I had cheese, broccoli and cauliflower fritatta with a large glass of milk and bananas :)

If you want to try making the fritatta click HERE to go to Made Fit TV's podcast how to. I find a lot of my recipes and workout exercises on this site.

Since this was so filling I didn't have lunch until late in the afternoon. I surrendered to my chocolate craving and had a nutella and banana sandwich on 14 grain bread.

I'm pretty sure I crave chocolate 24/7... Not good.

Dinner tonight was Sheppards pie with cheese on top. Sooooo good. I don't know if the way I make it is healthy or not but it's yummy anyways! To drink was my antioxidant rich pomegranate and berry juice.

Then 1 reeses piece for dessert.

I decided to catch up on some work (photo editing) this evening and to be productive I did what I call a face detox at the same time. First I washed my face with this apricot scrub. Then used ponds pore strip thingys and after that Lush's A Crash Course In Skin Care face mask. I love this stuff. It's a little bit past it's expiry but it's soooo nice on my skin.

My nighttime snack was apple granola with vanilla yogurt and frozen blueberries on top :) And of course a mango passion tea.

I am a little hungry right now though.. What do you eat before you go to bed if you're hungry?


  1. Oh my god, that banana & Nutella on bread ...every morning, that is my breakfast. Haha! LOVE your midnight snack too, looks delicious! I had English Breakfast & a couple of Subway cookies a few minutes ago as my midnight snack ;P

  2. Yummmmm.. Nutella & Gourmet Sandwiches, actually looks mor elike gourmet salads :)

    Btw.. I absolutely LOVE LUSH PRODUCTS! Sometimes they are a little strong smelling but they are mostly just plain awesome and natural