Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wooey, I'm Excited!

As many of you know I have my own photo blog. Lately though I have been following the Healthy Tipping Point blog and I have been inspired! I find that I am post a lot about my running/getting in shape goals on my photo blog. I try not to but if it's on my mind I talk about it. So instead I will be posting those types of posts here. In the Healthy Tipping Point blog Caitlin posts photos of all her meals, keeps track of her fitness goals and also her fitness regime. I want to try doing this too because I am hoping it will keep me accountable to my lifestyle. I think that if I am showing the internet what I eat and how often I jog and what my goals are, then I am more likely to make better decisions.

Well here goes nothing! Unlike Caitlin, I am going to aim for one post a day, not the 3 or 4 that she usually does. Hahaha. Expect the first post tonight!

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