Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Whats In My Purse and Wish List

Over the past few weeks I have been adding more and more blogs to my Google Reader. Yesterday I added a bunch of financial blogs that Alexis recommended. For the longest time I only ever followed photography blogs. Me wanting to be a photographer, that kind of made sense. Then I started to read a bunch of health/fitness blogs. Now I have added a variety of financial and a couple fashion blogs to the list. I find the mixture keeps me interested and it gives me ideas for future posts.

Today I was reading Give Me Back My Five Bucks and found this archived post. Then I was trying to find my lip gloss in my purse and it was such a mess it took me longer than it should have. SO... when I got home from work I emptied it out on my floor. This is what the mess looks like...

Horrible I know. After putting away things I don't need to have in my purse the pile was narrowed down to this...

Not too bad. A LOT better than it was before. Interested in what is in there? Here's a list

-work BlackBerry
-personal BlackBerry
-lip gloss
-security badge for work
-thumb drive
-pens and post its for Operation Beautiful
-leather gloves
-and usually I have my dSLR in my purse for my daily eats.

I'm sure that wasn't super exciting but oh well. I kind of enjoy when people post photos of their stuff so why not do the same?

Wish List

I have decided that once a month I will post photos of some items that I would really love to get. They are going to range from running shoes to wine glasses. Pretty much anything goes here. This months wish list is below.

From top to bottom we have:
On to the regular updates. I still have not completely recovered from being sick last week so I have decided not to do any work outs this week. It's really weird. I haven't worked out in over 1 week and my body is craving it. Too bad my lungs can't really handle it right now. I really hope to start again on Tuesday and start from the beginning of my training schedule as I was only 1 week into it.

For breaky this morning I had a quick english muffin with homemade strawberry freezer jam. This is the stuff that Matt's mom makes and it's soooo yummy.

When I got to work I had a banana for a snack.

I also brewed a cup of ARB tea and then FORGOT about it and it went cold :(

Lunch was my yummmmmmmmy corn chowder. I never really ate much corn chowder growing up but lately I'm craving it all the time. I had some pumpernickle bread on the side.

If anyone wants to try making it here are the ingredients:
  • potato
  • celery
  • red pepper
  • onion
  • sunflower cooking oil
  • 1% milk
  • vegetable broth
  • can creamed corn
  • frozen corn
  • hot chili pepper flakes
  • salt&pepper
As you can tell I don't have amount because I don't follow it that closely. For a batch of maybe 4 ish servings follow these instructions. Mix in frying pan on medium heat potato (1 or 2 large, cut up), celery (1 stalk cleaned and cut up), red pepper (1/2 pepper cut up), onion (1 small onion) and sunflower cooking oil (could use EVOO instead, 1-2 tbsp). Once vegetables are a little soft put them in a large pot adding milk (~1/2 cup), and vegetable broth (~1 cup). Bring to boil on medium-high heat. Once boiling add creamed corn (1 can) and frozen corn (1 or 2 cups). Once the chowder is boiling again add in hot chili pepper flakes, salt and pepper to taste. Personally I like mine on the spicy side so I use a decent amount of the pepper flakes. Turn burner to low-medium heat, put lid on pot and let simmer until all vegetables are cooked.

In the afternoon I had some sliced strawberries, canned peaches and yogurt for a snack. A little bit of granola on top.

+ a clementine

It was snowing when I got off work and the short drive home was soooo slippery. I'm getting my snow tires on tomorrow morning (early) but I they are at my parent's place. So I got my dad to drop them off. While I was waiting for him I threw together a breakfast sandwich. I really like these sandwich thins. They're great!! It had tomato, avocado and two friend eggs in it.

And here are some pictures from my balcony tonight. Brrrrr.. snow.

Can you pick out my baby?

Hopefully it'll be cleared up tomorrow morning so I can drive to the shop. Off to do some work now. Good night :)

PS- Don't forget to comment! I am running cans for comments until Dec. 15!


  1. Purse looks much neater now, I have to reorganize mine at least once a month, it gets filled with so many random things.

    I like your pictures too, what kind of camera do you use?

    I want a breadmaker as well, mmm fresh bread tastes and smells sooo good.

  2. Hello there!
    I just happened to stumble on your blog just recently. I am big food blog reader. Love your photo blog as well. It is neat to see someone who lives close by doing a food blog(I live in Truro). Even weirder is I noticed your bf in the pics is someone I went to school with! Small world!
    If you want a great food blog (you may have already visited before) is She is one of my favorites. :)