Friday, December 4, 2009

Start Over

So as you can tell the blog has been lacking this past week. That is because a lot has happened. Last weekend work had it's annual Christmas party. Saturday was SO busy between running to the mall, getting ready and go to two parties before the Christmas party at 7pm. I will be honest, I drank a few drinks too many and Sunday was completely wrote off as a recovery day.

I'm not sure if I picked something up at the party or when I got back to work but on Tuesday I started to show flu symptoms. Nothing major, just kept getting the chills and I felt achy all over. Decided not to go to work on Wednesday and tried to get healthy. Ate some soup, drank some tea and lots of water. Wednesday night my mom calls telling me they are bringing out cat Missy to the vet as she is bleeding maybe from her lungs? A little while after that phone she calls again to let me know that an xray showed there was a tumor in her lungs and the vet gave her a couple of days left to live. Missy is the first pet I ever remember owning. We got her when I was like 6 or 7 years old. That's 16 years people! Not many cats live such a long life. We all knew Missy hasn't been really healthy the past few years because of weight loss but was never diagnosed with anything when brought to the vet. So my parents decided it was time for her to rest. I jumped in my car in my pj's and drove to the vet to see her. If any of you have met Missy, you'll know she is a pretty grumpy cat. Pretty much only lets my sister, mom and dad pat her (yeah, she doesn't like me much). The vet had given her Valium before I got there and she was realllly calm. No hissing or groaning like usual. We all said our good byes and then the vet gave her the shot.

That is one job that would be really hard. Especially since I cry as soon as I see someone crying.

On the way to the vet I started to get some stomach pains. Afterward they were so bad I couldn't drive. So my dad drove my car and I went with mom back to their place. By the time we got to their house the pains had gotten a lot worse. It literally felt like there were ninjas in my stomach. That was the only way I could describe it. An hour after they started though they went away and I was back to just the regular flu ish symptoms. I drove home after some tea and got some rest.

5am Thursday morning though I woke up in tears because the ninjas were back and kicking my ass! I knew this could be normal so Matt drove me to the emergency. By the time I got in to see a doctor the pains had stopped (almost exactly an hour after I had woke up). The doctor went through my symptoms, asked some questions and felt my abdomen and said she thought it was just some extreme gas. She said if they continued to happen into Friday or if they got worse to come back in. Right when we were about to go she asked if she could do an ultra sound for her learning. Turns out she finished an ultra sound course and needs 200 scans in order to get the credit. If I can help someone with their education than I definitely will so I said sure! And I'm really glad I did.

Her and her boss scanned my whole abdomen and pointed out all of my organs; heart, diaphragm, liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder and uterus. Turns out I am one of the 20% of women that have an anti-verted uterus which basically means that instead of my uterus tilting towards my spine it tilts towards my belly button. This doesn't cause any issues with pregnancy it's just something that isn't common in women. They even took a photo of it so she could use it for her class. Kind of cool eh?

Yesterday was another sick day. Had soup, toast and tea and just watched movies/tv with Matt all day. Nothing very exciting. And today went the exact same way. I woke up with a bit of a fever but Tylenol took care of that. I'm glad to say the stomach ninjas have not come back. Yay!!! I don't ever want a visit from them again.

I'm not glad to say that it doesn't look like I will be better tomorrow and tomorrow morning is the Santa Shuffle. I was really excited about doing another run this year and my 10km training and everything but looks like it will have to be postponed. I haven't done any training in the past week so I'm hoping to just start again at week one once I'm healthy again. I have also decided to post pone the cans for comments deadline. Instead of it ending on the 8th it will now end on the 15th. I haven't really posted anything for you all to comment on until now so hopefully between now and the 15th there will be lots to comment on.

Time to bring this post to a close. I'm sorry it was so long but oh well, blogs are for reading right? Here are some photos from the Christmas party last weekend. I won't be posting daily photos of what I eat just because I haven't been eating much while sick. Those will start once I'm healthy again. I'm hoping to do a review of The Lost Symbol tomorrow. Stay tuned :)

The beautiful Alexis and I.

Matt and I, yes I know our purples don't match. lol.

At a friends house before the party.


  1. Wowza, using my full name! eek!! LOL

    I am SO sorry to hear about your kitty - I am with you, I could never do that job (putting animals down). I cry at happy things and sad things and almost everything so I'd be a wreck!

    Damn tummy ninjas are the worst - and yours sound like super duper ninjas! Glad to hear they're gone AND that you were able to support someone's education in the meantime.

    Hope to see you soon!

  2. Awwwwww :-( My Dad just had to put down our dog who was 15 years old and it was HARD. I BURST into tears and WHALED like a little kid :-( Sorry about Missy and having to go through that when you were clearly sick! That is all around the pits.

    I hope that you are feeling better today and you and Lex look beautiful ;-)

  3. Hi Hon, I think I like the one of you guys before the party best. If you can crop it closer and it still looks good, then that's the one I'll use. Can you e-mail me a printable copy of the cropped version?