Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Catch up #1

So... I originally planned to do a vlog for my catch up post. I took the video thinking that I could edit out some MAJOR bloopers but turns out I don't have any video editing software. Which means I have to do this the old fashioned way.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in my last post but for the first week of December I was pretty sick. The second week I was recovering. So for two weeks I wasn't eating a whole lot and couldn't do any exercising. Then with Christmas coming up I got so crazy so quickly it's not even funny. I hand made 40 Christmas cards this year to give out to family and friends. I had ALL of my Christmas shopping to complete. Matt and I went to Wentworth for a weekend. I made 7 dozen cookies. Made 14 candles. Put up our Christmas tree and all of the decorations... And the list goes on and on.

I haven't been photographing everything I eat but here are some of the highlights.

Jackie's love potion smoothly from the juice bar at Pete's Fruitique.

Breakfast wrap from Pete's Fruitique.

Pete's makes the BEST salads ever!!

These are the best granola bars I have EVER had. I have been trying to find them again but can't. Might have to make my own.

Chicken, cous cous and veggies.

ColdStone Creamery chocolate chip cookie dough. This is to die for. I could gain sooo much weight if I had no self control. lol.

Eggs benedict at Smitty's.


Homemade waffles for Dad's birthday.

Sandwich - mixed greens, tofurky, avocado and tomato.

Chocolate chip cookie dough cake for Dad's birthday.

Sushi.. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm. This one is called the green dragon. It has shrimp tampura, avocado and crab on the inside and then avocado on top too.

Thai noodles. I made these from a box but I want to try making them from scratch next time.

Indian style curry veggies.

Fabulous M&M and oatmeal cookies.

Cookies all baked. I haven't made cookies in a while so I over cooked them. Oops!

Tomorrow I'll post all of my Christmas decorations. I'll be photographing what I eat starting Christmas day again and hopefully I'll get into the post a day routine again.

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  1. I am so mad at you right now. I have a few issues with you... WHY am I not going for sushi with you. ESPECIALLY to have the sushi you photographed. Oh my god, to die for. I'll also take the entire container of cookie dough because I don't put on weight :) Ohh, and the homemade waffles. Yep. Thanks. In fact, if I come out East for a week - can I just eat with you, because I'm getting pretty jealous.

    Your food photography is rockin' now too, C. Something changed, and I totally love it. You're really getting the feel of this eh...