Friday, August 3, 2012

Pinterest Finds: Superfoods, Sun Tea and Nothing to Wear

By the time Friday comes along my brain usually wants to go for a run and then crash on the couch to veg for the evening with a big bag o' chips (hence my nick name "girl who eats whole bags of chips"). I'm normally completely burnt out. So to keep things light I have decided to start a new series called Pinterest Finds. For those of you that don't know, Pinterest is an online pin board. You can categorize your "pins" to keep them organized and you can also follow other people's boards and they can follow you.

I absolutely love this site. I'm always finding things online that I want to remember but hate having a ton of bookmarks. Pinterest allows me to keep track of all my random online finds in a way that makes sense to me.

So without further adieu, here are some of my Pinterest Finds this week.

1. Superfoods (original source) - Most of these I eat on a weekly basis, some daily. How many of these do you eat regularly? Avocado is my fav :)

2. Audrey Hepburn (original source) - I couldn't agree more. I get so much joy out of helping other people. It makes me feel alive and like I've been put on this Earth for a reason.

3. Nothing to wear (original source) - This is me every morning.

4. Balloons (original source) - This is such an awesome idea. I really want to try this when I have the space and take some self portraits!

5. Roasted zucchini (original source) - ....drooling... Oh how I miss cheese. Going to try making these with a vegan cheeze sauce though.

6. Wooden spoons (original source) - Just started my wooden spoon collection. In my new apartment I want my utensils to be made out of metal or wood, no plastic. This will be a great way to spice up my collection.

7. Sun tea (original source) - I wonder what this tastes like and if it will give me super powers or not.

8. Beach (original source) - Having sand between my toes is one of my favorite feelings in the entire world. pure.bliss.

Make sure to check out my Pinterest boards and follow any of the ones that interest you :)

Happy Friday!

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