Friday, August 10, 2012

Pinterest Finds: Health and Fitness

So I passed my written exam for my personal training course! Yaaaaaaay. Therefore I figured this week would be as good a week as any to show you all some of my health and fitness related Pinterest finds.

1. 25 Ways to Run Faster (original source) - Planning on incorporating a lot of these techniques in my training regimen. Although I hate hills I'm hoping they will make my running a lot better.

2. Jump Off Jiggle (original source) - I have recently fallen in love with jumping. On my upward motion in my squats I'll normally jump my feet together and back out then move into the squat. I also love doing squat jumps on my stairs. It's such a good way to burn fat and build muscle!

3. Reasons to be Fit (original source) - This happens to me all the time. Never ceases to amaze me how many muscles we have but don't realize we have until they get sore.

4. Kettlebells for Beginners (original source) - I don't know about you but kettlebells look like I love exercises that keep things interesting and this is definitely one of those exercises. This article gives you tips on how to start using kettlebells.

5. Top 15 Reasons to Run (original source) - I love running when it doesn't cause injuries but there are some really good reasons to start running.

6. Crossfit (original source) - Maybe I'm masochistic but I think crossfit looks like so much fun plus you get an amazing workout. I love the idea of really challenging yourself and using your body weight for most of your resistance training.

7. Common Knee Pains (original source) - This is super informative. Use it to analyse where the pain is and what it could be diagnosed as. Of course you should always consult your doctor if you're feeling a pain but this could satisfy your curiosity if you are curious like me. Make sure to open up the link to read what it says!

If you'd like you keep updated with my pins make sure to follow me or a board of mine that interests you! Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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