Monday, February 3, 2014

Help Us Save Tinkerbell's Legs

Hello readers,

I would like you to meet Tinkerbell. She is one of the cutest, most rambunctious, full of character, 8 month old puppies I have ever met. I have given a little piece of my heart to this puppy after having gotten to know her over the past few months.

Tinkerbell is just like any other dog. She loves her toys...

Especially when they are covered in peanut butter....

And even sometimes, she goes a little bit crazy for them...

But unlike other dogs, she doesn't have full use of her legs. Tinkerbell was recently diagnosed with Legg-Perthes disease. Pretty much, this disease.. "disrupts the blood supply to the head of the femur, which is the 'ball' portion of the hip's 'ball and socket joint.' Portions of the boney tissues, starved of their blood supply, begin to die and the overlying cartilage that lines the hip joint collapses. This leaves a painful, poorly-fitting hip joint." (source)

Although Tinkerbell is so happy and playful most of the time, she is in pain and you can even see the amount of muscle loss already because of under-use of one of her legs. Her x-rays show that this disease is present on her left and right hind hip joints. Therefore, the vet has recommended that both of them be treated via surgery. The surgery itself is pretty basic, but it isn't cheap. For both legs it will be between $2000-$2500.

And this is where we could really use your help. A website has been set up to take donations to help fund this surgery. If we can't raise enough money for the surgery, my friend will not be able to keep her beautiful puppy. Please, please, please donate HERE if you can. Anything you can give would mean the world to us.

Edit: Just found out from the surgeon that only one hip needs to be operated on which brings the cost down to $1500! Great news but we still have a way to go! Any help you can provide would be amazing :)

And here is one last photo of Tinkerbell for the road :) Isn't she the cutest?!

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