Monday, March 11, 2013

Nutrition Resources

My first post on nutrition! Like I said in my last post, March is nutrition month and I have some posts planned for each Monday. Unfortunately last Monday I didn't post because I was so exhausted from training all weekend so this is a little late. Oh well, better late then never! :)

Today I wanted to share resources with you all on nutrition. My own knowledge on the topic is mediocre at best so I feel like it's important to have good resources to go to. It seems like every day I'm hearing about a new type of diet or superfood or supernutrient and it all just gets to be overwhelming. What should you believe?

So here is a list of the resources I go to on a regular to semi-regular basis:

Charles Poliquin: According to his website.. "Charles Poliquin is one of the most accomplished strength coaches in the world. He has designed workouts for  Olympic medalists in 17 different sports,  world record holders in 10 different sports, and professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and UK Premier League. He has lectured or consulted for a variety of high-profile organizations such as the US Secret Service, Walt Disney Corporation and the World Swimming Congress." He has fantastic articles and blog posts on all health and fitness topics but I particularly enjoy his nutrition articles. Nutrition Articles | Supplements Articles

Precision Nutrition: I absolutely love Precision Nutrition. I hope to one day get certified by them but for now I have been using their free tools online. They also write lots of articles and have different mini courses you can take for free. They break things down very well so that it is easy to make the changes you need to make. I particularly like that they promote making small habitual changes slowly that way you don't become overwhelmed with a whole new diet. It's about taking baby steps.

Dietitians of Canada: I only recently stumbled on this website when looking for this month's theme but after doing some looking around, this is another one I will be going to frequently. For nutrition month alone they have a bunch of great tools. Fact sheet 1 | Fact sheet 2 | Fact sheet 3 | Videos

Everything You Need To Know About Fat Loss: I just started reading this book at the recommendation of my mentor at work and I can already say it's going to be a goody. I actually got a pdf copy of it since it is really hard to find a hard copy to buy and I am not a digital book kind of girl. It has started off with just breaking down what carbs, fats and protein are and why they are essential in our diet. I have a feeling this is going to be a very, very "regular person" friendly book and would highly recommend it to anyone that is seriously interested in making changes in their life.

OhSheGlows: And last but not least there is OhSheGlows. This site is run a Canadian girl, Angela Liddon. She is a food guru that also happens to be vegan. I am constantly referring my clients to her website because not only are here recipes amazing but you can always make them non-vegan by using regular eggs, cow dairy, and adding meat if that's how you roll. Some of my all time favs are blueberry banana pie overnight oats, lightened-up sundried tomato and basil pesto pasta, and red lentil and squash curry stew.

Well that's it for my regular tools and resources. If you have any nutrition related questions please post them in the comments section as I will be doing a Q&A for the last Monday of the month.

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