Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Goals

This post is a little late but oh well right? Tends to be a theme with me I think. Hahaha.

This year I have decided to make some goals focused more on myself than I think any year previously.

1-Practice yoga at least 3 times a week
2-Read 50 books (I've already read 1. To keep track of what I'm reading go to my GoodReads page)
3-Give myself more "me" time to just be. Not have to worry about my to do lists or yoga practice. Even if it's just sitting with a cup of tea and watching the sun come up or sun come down.

That being said I would like to do some other things this year but they aren't "goals" per say. One of them being 30 days of yoga, which I am doing right now. Started Jan 1st. I don't have any rules for it. As long as I get on my mat once a day I'm happy :) I would also like to make my own body butter and maybe some other body products. I'm doing a lot of research right now on what ingredients are good and bad for your body. I'm trying to go 100% natural, organic, fair trade, etc. Hopefully it won't cost too much and will be worth it :)

As for my yoga practice itself I have been feeling good. While in the Dominican (photos will be on my photography blog soon) I practiced yoga 4 out of the 6 days. Which made it 100% worth it to bring my mat with me. It was so nice to practice outside on our balcony while listening to the birds and the ocean. Talk about a calming practice. The 30 day challenge has only had one hiccup so far. I accidentally fell asleep last night before doing my practice. So to make up for it this weekend I'm going to do two practices in one day. Hopefully one when I wake and then another sometime during the day. I have been feeling a lot stronger. My core is feeling stronger in plank. My arms are feeling stronger in chaturanga. I'm really feeling the progress :)

I am a little nervous though. We had our monthly coffee and yoga meeting on Tuesday and some of us decided to make a yoga date on Monday night for a class at Halifax Yoga. I haven't been to a class in months and I'm used to certain instructors on yoga glo so it will be interesting to be in a class environment again with a new instructor. Will keep you updated :)

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