Monday, January 24, 2011

Live In The Moment

If you know me you know I'm a planner. I have been planning my whole life ever since I realized I could dream and set goals for my future. Sure, these dreams have changed almost as many times as new moons but I have always had a destination of sorts.

Until recently.

Last month was a me month. As I've mentioned, my family and I went to the Dominican Republic for a vacation. If you ask me what we did on that vacation my response would be "absolutely nothing". Which is exactly what the doctor called for. I reveled (don't think this is a word? lol) in the time I had to just be me. Kind of reminds me of this post (could find the one I really wanted but this is a substitute) by my beautiful friend Lisa. Instead of having to get things done like reading, yoga, snorkeling, taking photos, I just enjoyed doing nothing. And I think that is the biggest thing I brought back with me from my vacation.

New Year's Day I decided to commit to a 30:30 challenge. Didn't happen. But you know what? I'm not sad about that. I listened to my body when it told me that I needed a break (no, it was not saying that it wanted to be lazy). And I'm ok with that. I'm sick of having so many expectations for myself. Sure, there are things I want to do in my life. A "bucket list" of sorts. But I am open about the possibilities, flexible with the outcome, as long as I am happy.

I have decided to live in the moment. I'm trying a lot harder now to not make plans. To go out with friends at the last minute. To listen to my intuition and my gut when it tells me to stay in my pj's all day. And I refuse to be guilty about that. Why? Because enjoying the life we have right now is 100 times better than waiting for the life we want tomorrow.

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