Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rubber Boots and Snow

(November 6th)

This morning I woke up to snow. Yes. You read that right. SNOW. I'm still in denial that summer has ended and now we are getting snow. Brrrr.. Not fun for jogging. Well because there was snow on the ground I decided to stay in bed longer than normal. Kind of hoping it was all a dream.

Matt and I woke up late and I had some toast with almond butter and banana. Complimented by a large glass of chocolate milk.

After some lounging around the house Matt and I went to the "indian food buffet". This buffet is amazing. It is at the Taj Mahal off of Barrington St. in Halifax. Every Friday from 11:30am-2:30pm they have an all you can eat, indian food buffet. It is to die for and we usually eat waaaay too much food. This trip I only had one plate full but it was FULL.

Since our lunch was HUGE I didn't snack on anything in the afternoon until supper time.

Supper time consisted of another round of pizza bagels. These things are sooo good and they're such a great way to use up all of the bagels we have (remember the 6 dozen I talked about in this post?).

After supper I snacked on some POM jewels.

I didn't eat all of the ones in that bowl, just a few :).

I don't have winter boots. I know, weird eh? But I haven't bought any in a few years. So when we were out running around yesterday I decided to wear my rubber boots and my rainbow hat. I know. I'm just that cool. ;)

And I might have had a banana and nutella sandwich before bed.. Mayyyybe..

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