Tuesday, November 24, 2009


November 21

As usual, the morning after some good drinking I always get up super early. Don't get me wrong, I go back to bed for a few more hours but I always end up waking up for a bit early in the morning. Saturday was a great example. We didn't get to bed until 2am the night before but I was awake at 7am. I got a nice cold glass of water and sat by the back door and watched the birds in the back yard. It was something about this that made me want to write. If you know me I'm not much of a creative writer. Never have been. Even though I thought about it, I didn't end up writing anything that morning. Instead I rocked back and forth in a rocking chair, watched the sun come up over the field and enjoyed the quietness of the country. Next time I will definitely boot up the computer and write a little bit.

When I woke up a few hours later I went downstairs for breakfast. While it was cooking I saw more birds in the backyard and this time I ran, grabbed my camera and photographed them. I love blue jays. They are so pretty. I really want to do some more nature photography. Now that it's winter it might be a little hard to accomplish but next spring I will definitely be going out in the woods with my camera more often.

Breakfast was the best cure for a tiny hangover. Fried eggs, bacon, homefries and toast with some pineapple juice. I love greasy food the morning after drinking. :)

After the stomach had settled a little bit I had some blueberry and pomegranate white tea and did some yoga sculpt. The tea wasn't my favorite but it was nice.

Lunch consisted of some yummy homemade lasagna with garlic bread. Matt's mom is such an amazing cook. I wish we lived closer so that I could enjoy it more often :) Her house is amazing too. It's a tiny home in the country that really feels like a cabin. Next time we're there (probably over Christmas) I'll have to take some photos to show you all.

Matt and I headed back to the city pretty early (around 6pm). We did some grocery shopping and when we got home we were both completely out of energy. Furnace heat is sooo different than electric heat. It like zaps the energy out of you. Supper was an easy bowl of cereal with a banana and a clementine on the side.

I didn't keep track of how much water I drank but I can tell you it definitely wasn't enough. Hahaha.

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