Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Upcoming Races

November 23

I have concluded I am horrible at getting up early to work out. I meant to get up early this morning to go for a really quick jog but alas, my alarm clock couldn't get me out of bed until I had just enough time to get ready for work. I am pretty lucky with my current position. We can come in between 8am and 10am as long as we do our full shift when we are here. I have been unable to get up in time to go to work for 8am or 9am consistently for the past two months pretty much and have ended up coming in at 10am pretty often.

Fuel for the morning was some cereal with a banana.

Afternoon snack was some clementines and tea.

Lunch was a mean salad. And by mean I mean wonderful. It was made up of mixed greens, tomato, red pepper, mushroom, turkey and flax seeds with some sun dried tomato and oregano.

During my lunch break I devised a training plan because I have decided to run some races. I will be participating in the following runs:

1. Santa Shuffle - Dec. 5th - 5km
2. Run For a Better Tomorrow - May 2, 2010 - 10km
3. Bluenose - May 17, 2010 - 5km
4. Johnny Miles 10K Classic - June 20, 2010 - 10km
5. Run For The Lobsters - July 11, 2010 - 10km

I have not officially registered for all of them but I will before the registration closes. Promise!
Here is a look at my training schedule. I have never made one before and it looks pretty busy. If any experienced runners out there have any suggestions for it please email me or comment below. I was told not to advance in milage by more than 10% a week so I haven't.

Afternoon snack was some POM Wonderful jewels with yogurt and granola.

Before I went home Matt came by to visit at my desk. He brought with him some blueberry juice which I had a couple sips of.

Isn't he a fabulous hand model?! ;)

After running some errands I made some supper. A veggie omelette with 1/3rd a banana and an english muffin with almond butter and jam. This really hit the spot. I was so hungry because it was pretty busy at Shoppers and I got home later than expected.

Before bed I snacked on some pieces of apple with almond butter on them. My almond butter is almost gone :(

Finished the night off with some reading. I am having such a hard time finishing The Lost Symbol. I'm only about half way through...

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  1. Wow, nice break down in Excel..! Seriously!