Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just Another Day

November 24

As I mentioned in yesterdays post I have been having a hard time getting up early to do workouts. Today was no exception. Even though my alarm was set for 7am I didn't get up until 8am. I'm going to aim to be to bed by 11:30pm tonight and I hope that will get my butt out of bed early in the morning. *cross fingers!!*

Before work I had the last of the dozen blueberry bagels with almond butter and jam. I am going to attempt to remember to take daily vitamins. I am not good at remembering them but I have started my next attempt to do so. From left to right there is vitamin D, one a day for women and fish oils (name).

When I got to work I snacked on one of these two celmentines.

Lunch consisted of a chefs salad from Sobeys with poppy seed dressing (my new fav!!). I also had a few bites of this pasta salad. Saved the rest for in case dinner needed a little punch.

While at Sobeys I was browsing the organic food section and stumbled upon a few items I wanted to try. First was snack bar called Everyone's Organics. It is made by Honey Bar which just so happens to be a Canadian company :) Yay!

It was pretty satisfying. The ingredient list is pretty simple so I might try making some on my own sometime.

When I got home I went for a 3km run as per my training schedule. I have found my Nike+ to not be very accurate. I tracked my distance using Google Maps and it was 3km but my iPod showed 3.48km. The run was a lot better than the run I had last Thursday. Thankfully!

Anyone else have problems with their Nike+ being accurate?

I was browsing the internet tonight and stumbled upon RoadID. I really want to purchase one. I think that'll happen after Christmas. I would probably get the sports band for my wrist. It is basically a little ID bracelette that you wear while running/cycling/hiking/etc. that has your name and emergency contact information on it. You can even get ones with a subscription to an online Emergency Response Profile. There you list all of your information including name, address, alergies, medical information, picture, emergency contacts, etc. The bracelette will list a phone number and website with your serial# and PIN# and the first response person can use either method to find out everything they need to know about you. Maybe Santa will bring me one? ;)

By the time I got home I was pretty hungry so I made the second item I bought at Sobeys earlier. Wolfgang Puck butternut squash soup with some pumpernickle bread. I love the holidays. The holidays bring with them pumpernickle bread :D I ended up not needing any of the pasta salad I had bought with lunch because the soup was pretty filling.

And because she is just SO cute here is Squeaky.

She doesn't look like she wants her photo taken. hehehe.

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